Writing has always been a passion for me. So much that it has become second nature. As I grew up I figured that through writing not only can I express the depth of my thoughts but I could help other people with it as well.

Venturing in content marketing, I have met and worked with people from various online companies. Right now, I’m working freelance both as a writer and a marketing strategist. Hit that button below to ask me more about my work!

Recent Blog Posts

The Many Selves of a Millenial Online

It was that one time when my friend asked for my opinion about a picture she wanted to post online …
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Common Things at a Filipino Funeral

If you aren’t Filipino, you would find wakes and funerals in the Philippines a bit weird. When you think about …
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Almost lover. It’s funny how today’s language has come up with a term for someone you loved but was never …
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How To Achieve Sustainable Happiness

Do you have sustainable happiness? Like, is your happiness sustainable? No, it is not those short euphoric moments that pass …
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8 Tips in Spotting Fake News

In our day and age, everything seems to be becoming fast-paced. We have messaging services that require a simple tap …
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4 Steps to Identify Toxicity in Your Life

When we hear the saying “love is blind,” we often brush it off because we’ve heard it over a thousand …
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Growth Mindset: Learning to be Better

A rising belief in psychology nowadays deals with how having a growth mindset is better than a fixed mindset. The …
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