Tristan Aleque Bagano is a self-employed web content writer specializing in various topics and an essayist. In 2019, he will be finished with BA Creative Writing at the University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus.

He grew up in a small town called Puerto Princesa, the center for business and commerce of Palawan. He harnessed most of my writing skills from his mother who works in the administrative branch of a local University. In his developing years, he found interest in different fields such as art, music, sports, and technology. These fields were greatly influenced by his mother’s siblings.

In his years in high school, he grew closer to the discipline of the sciences. However, his love for literature and the arts still remained on the sidelines. The indecisiveness of his youth made him hesitant of what program he would take for college. Ultimately, he ventured further in to the arts under the BA Language and Literature program of the University of the Philippines Baguio campus. In his first two years, he realized that he wanted to focus more on literature and the writing aspect of his program. Since this was not possible, he decided to shift to the University of the Philippines Diliman campus to pursue his desire.

Although busy with his studies, he has been producing content for various websites on a regular basis. These are:





and this blog itself!

Aiming to support his education through writing, he began to explore the possibility of earning online. With assistance from he mentors, he was able to discover online job boards where he acquired most of his writing and editing gigs.

He was able to produce content for websites generating 5 figures from content marketing alone.

Even though he has been academically focusing on writing, he has also joined several college organizations to learn more in different areas. In the UP-Baguio campus, he became a member of the UPB Shadows; a dance group that has competed nationally. Here, he took care of the org documents under the secretariat committee. He also became a member of the UPPL PUSOY; a sports and music organization where he has performed event-related works. When he transferred to the Diliman campus, he joined the UP Junior Marketing Association and has been working under the finance committee. He also joined a regional organization, the UP Palaweños, and has already worked as a publicity head in one of its events during his first semester of membership.

In the future, he plans to go either into law or medicine school after earning his undergraduate degree. He also hopes to continually improve my creative crafts as he goes higher into my academic ventures.